Why I participate in #getrecognized competition

My first post as the participant of #getnotices competiton, organized by Maciej Aniserowicz.

Why I decided to enter competiton?

For fame, of course :).

Well, that’s not true. My motivation was not so ambitious.

I’m Junior Ruby Developer, working mostly with Ruby on Rails. On my free time I try to read technical books, I enjoy teaching programming to beginners plus I have a life - my beloved husband, friends, some passions, such as running and dancing. And sometimes I get to stop and think that I haven’t written a line of code outside of my job for weeks. And that is not a desirable situation.

As a Junior Dev I know that constant development is a must. Only reading is not enough. I needed a pet project badly and this competition is a perfect motivation for me to get things done. I know that the most productive people can motivate themselves, but I respond better to the external motivations, deadlines and others expecting me to do some tasks.

So this is my external motivation to work on my pet project, which I’ll describe in the next post!

And a little quote found on this Jekyll template:

We are Hitchhikers in the road of open source knowledge.

Written by Gosia Ksionek on 10 March 2016